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Stories teach the imagination to fly



                                                   “Thou shalt not” is soon forgotten, but “Once upon a time”

                                                     lasts forever.”  (Philip Pullman)

Story Spinner, Mary Holma, has been weaving tales professionally since 1999. Mary delights in tickling your ‘funny bone’ with stories of HUMOR.

“Laughter is a wonderful thing”.  (Joe E. Brown)

She also pulls out of her storytelling hat (no, not a rabbit!), but a smorgasbord of fables, folk and fairytales, myths, legends, poems, anecdotes, Dr. Seuss, and other enjoyable tales of a little of this and a bit of that, always carrying a poem in her pocket and a song in her heart.

Mary has performed at libraries, preschools, elementary school assemblies and classrooms, a community college, coffee lounges, church group events, community centers, festivals, and reading programs.

Fee:  Every venue has a different budget.

Last Event Videos:

Harvest of Stories Video (Sampler) , (Bilingual Cat), (Green Maiden), (Coyote)

2014 Whispers in the Wind Video (click here)

2015 Whispers in the Wind Video Montage (click here)

Next Event:

Wednesday, September 2 - 7:00 pm, Rebecca’s Coffee House, 3015 Juniper Street, San Diego, CA 92104, 619.850.3663